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your blood is worth bottling. Thanks - I owe you one

This now looks like the Hitec drum winch, as is, will not function in my IOM. Reason being I have a Spektrum DX5e radio which does not have limiting.
Choices are - contact supplier to buy a smaller diameter drum. Smaller diameter means less travel and increased speed. In fact I saw the winch is rated at 7.2Volts. Does that mean I can run a 6 cell battery pack thru this winch?

I was emailed last nite and told an IOM has 23cm of sheet travel. That means drum diameter should be:
No. of turns x Pi x Diameter = Travel
hence; 3.5 x 3.14 x X = 23 so max. diameter = 21mm. that is small.

My other options are to buy a programmable radio or a new sail winch. Did both last night. Was recommended this new winch. same torque as the Hitec and faster than an RMG. Price $US20.30

Also bought a TurBORIX 2.4 GHz 6 Ch digital programmable radio mode 2. Price $US40.40

Now I just need to build even more boats to fit all this gear into .

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