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"What is to prevent someone from taking this information and declaring LiPos a public hazard and having them outlawed? Don't scoff, look at what has been done to cigarettes."

Leaving aside the fact that cigarettes have killed or damaged the health of millions and we are yet to see a fatality from LiPoís, that cigarette manufacturers for decades covered up the adverse effects of cigarettes, there is of course nothing to prevent someone from taking this info and outlawing LiPoís generally.

Except the fact that they are used in a cell phones, and other consumer product and with protective circuits added are probably not much more of a hazard than PB, NiMh or NiCd. Also a fair amount of money is probably invested in production, money that would lobby against such a ban.

In most cases the producers of LiPoís for consumer products work on the basis that the principle of the Darwin Awards holds true. They try to make things foolproof (more to the point person proof). They will be able to show off their protection efforts and resist any such general ban.

But some fools who play with toy planes who buy cells with all the safety features and protections removed, who have no political clout, who burn their cars, houses and cause minor explosions etc are just the sort of targets that a politician or bureaucrat looking for a few political points in a bad election year would be happy to exploit by banning such dangerous practices or limiting the sale of product too that which incorporates protections which would effectively render the technology useless for our purposes.(1)

I am relatively new to electric flight and have gone from NiCd to NiMh to LiPoís in a short time, I would not willingly go backwards and I would rather not be dragged back because some politician or bureaucrat wants to be seen to be saving his constituency from dangerous toys. I do not want to and I do not want you to give them an excuse.

At the moment we are a small almost politically invisible group but burning and exploding things raises our visibility in an undesirable way.

The growing popularity of electric flight means that flyers unfamiliar with the hazards of LiPoís are reading rave reviews, by more experienced people, about this wonderful technology that lifts your flying to a new level. They want it and unless they know it can hurt them they will get it with out knowing how to handle it.

To achieve a balance and slow down the headlong dash into this technology, by those who have not yet educated themselve's on the downside of the technology, a dramatic illustration such as the flaming photo is required to restore the balance

In my view a degree of paranoia now which results in a healthy respect for these marvellous power sources will save us grief and possible intervention in the future.

Fly donít fry.

I do not know what % of the LiPo market electric RC product is but my suspicion is that it is a small % and if the regulators said no cells to be sold without protection then the LiPo producers would comply to protect the large volume markets.
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