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Originally Posted by Thumb_number View Post
I tried a few before I found the best! I started with gliders (DG1000 and a ST-ROC 2.6m) but it all got too hard having to 'build' these planes at the field, and they all lost performance carrying the extra wieght.

Then saw what 'Trappy' was doing and ended up getting one of the Ritewing Zeph's. I only flew it for the first time last W/end, and it's the sweetest thing ever. There's some pic's on the page before this one. I'm sitting here now waiting for the easterly to die so I can get my first FPV flight out of the way. I only got some replacement googles for xmas so i'm busting to get out.

I think early in this thread you said you were SOR? Have you got a good feild to fly at? What's your platform?

'TangRC' have good lipo's that you can get from LHS at a good price. Or you can go to SIOMAR batteries in Wangarra and they will make you whatever you want while you wait, for an excellent price.

PM me when your ready to go and i'll come spot for you.
I was a member of a Club down my way, not anymore tho. haven't flown for over a year now , but i have been building.

It's a high wing pusher(scratch built) built up foam and balsa, 1400mm WS.

IF it flies hahah it should make for a good platform.

Cheers Thumb, ill PM ya when it's FPV ready. is offline Find More Posts by
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