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Originally Posted by stona View Post
I can't answer most of those as I've hardly driven my truck But I've read that the A-arms break from hard jumps....RPM is releasing some replacements early next year though.

Improvements from stock would be harder springs (black rear, tan front) and heavier shock oil (50wt all round) - I have the stuff, but haven't done this yet. Other recommended changes are steel balls instead of the stock plastic ones.

If you get clicking from your diff after some runs, open them up and shim them before they strip gear teeth. The diffs come with a light oil, but mine were empty so I filled them with 50k diff oil front and rear. I also shimmed my rear diff while i had them opened as it felt a maybe a tad lose.

This thing wheelies a lot by the go easy on the trigger finger. Or you can get a center diff and fill it with 100k oil or so.

Regarding batteries...the battery tray is kind of tapered on the ends, so it depends where yo utake your measurements from. The shape is sorta like this
| |

I haven't tried the stock batteries, so can't comment there.
Yes, Lipo should provide a longer runtime than equivalent Nimh since Lipo can hold a more constant discharge.
I'm running 2s 2200mah 20C lipos in parallel in the truck. They are from hobbycity. They fit, but the wires are a bit large so you need to open up the trucks battery bay doors a bit. See the posts in this link:
There are 3s batteries from hobbycity that fit as well...some are listed in the aforementioned thread.

Hope this helps....merry christmas!

Edit: A metal gear servo upgrade would be good as well. I have a hitec 82mg sitting here that I haven't put in yet. I think the 85mg can be used too...
Thanks for responding, Stona. I ordered the RPM front a-arms, due Jan 4. RPM's parts are longer lasting (less brittle) than Traxxas, at least for the axle carriers on my Rustler, we used to break those a lot. I'll also think about the other things you mention.

Where are these 'steel balls' you mention. In the shocks? Will the metal shocks have these steel balls?

I am about to pull the trigger on HobbyCity's Zippy Flighmax 2200MaH 20C the LiPos, as mentioned in the thread you referenced. I may order five as I read that some are Dead On Arrival.
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