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Originally Posted by le fou View Post

I got an Aurora for Christmas
I have couple questions regarding some programming I want to do:
1) How do I get the retracts to go down and the flaps to deploy with different flight conditions such as landing and take off? I don't want to have to flip switches to operate these two functions.
2) Let's say that the retracts are also linked to a switch and it is in the up position (gear up). However, I want to the retracts to come down no matter what the switch position is when I am in the landing or take off phase.

I was able to do that with my "previous" remote, a Graupner/JR MC 24 and I really enjoyed these functions since it does not require me to think about what switch to flip upon landing - everything is linked to the flight condition.

Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas,

Le fou
Merry Christmas All!

This proved to be an interesting challenge and since there are so may ways to do things... this is what I came up with.

Set up model with retracts AND airbrake with whatever wing and tail you have.

Next add flight conditions "Cond-2" and "Cond-3." I rename these to Land and Takeoff and assign them to swich "C." Top position is Land; set to "S" from "C" for single to make it unique. Same for Takeoff but the bottom position on "C" activates it.

So: Lower swich "C" is takeoff, middle is Normal and top is Land.

In Channel assignment set Gear and Airbrake to Null and Aux1 to "G".

P-Mixes: Set 1 to Airbrake->Gear and assign to switch "C" so that on is on top (up.) Rate H: +100%

Set 2 to Aux1->Gear again w/ switch "C" but to center for on. Use 100% high/low.

Set 3 to Airbrake->Gear w/Switch "C" to lower position for on. Rate H:+100%

Activate Airbrake and set ABRK: 100% Assign switch "C" so that on is both Top & Lower with center off.

This then allows switch "G" to activate the gear when in Normal flight condition and drops the gear when in Land or Takeoff conditions no mater what position "G" is.

Give it a shot!

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