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Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo 4x4 Brushless Questions

Hello! I have a few questions about the stock 1/16 E-Revo I'm hoping you can answer.

I own two Traxxas Ruster VXLs and run them to death on NiMH, love 'em! Now I'm buying the 1/16 E-Revo.

My neighbor has a dirt track in his back yard and I'll be 'cutting' one in my yard this spring. I am looking to race for fun, not serious competition.

E-Revo 1/16 General Questions:

- What spare part do you recommend (i.e. the first ones expected to break)? Axle carriers, etc...

- Any add-on or improvement parts you'd recommend from the start?

- Do the stock tires run well on dirt, and wear well?

- Do the stock tires wear quickly on pavement?

E-Revo 1/16 Battery Questions:

I understand the car will run on either one or two batteries. I also believe that 2S w/higher MaH is the max size that will fit in the battery compartments, so I assume I'll go with 2S LiPo. I already own a LiPo charger.

- Can you confirm each battery compartment is 94mm x 34mm x 17mm?

- How long of run-time do you get on one vs. two stock NiMH batteries?

- Will LiPo provide a longer run time than NiMH, even at a similar Mah rating?

- What is the recommended 2S LiPo C-rating? 25? Maximum that will fit, I'd imagine

- Recommended 2S LiPo batteries (preferably HobbyCity, that will still fit after a little expected swelling)?

- Is it practical to run the batteries in parallel? This would theoretically double the run-time (Mah), but not the speed (Volts).

Thanks in advance!
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