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Just for your information, you pretty much can't go wrong with any atomic or 3racing upgrade parts. Don't go too crazy on allu parts as they add weight and bend easily. The only upgrade i have done are BB2, atomic bearings and lipo and i was happy with that. For ease of taking apart for tinkering etc i added allu turnbuckles with threaded axles and i am looking for rear threads. This is a great mod as those C clips are so annoying and you loose them so easily. The only part that have worn out are the pinions and spur (mainly because i think i had the slipper set too tight putting a lot of strain on them) and rear wheels (becuase i was constantly wheelying/wheel-spining from the slipper as well). I have just put all my stuff from my T on a DT chassis and strapped a 800mah 2cell to the top for kicks. I am yet to run it as i need to resolder one of my motor wires as they it came off. Should haul bottom!
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