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Thank you, Graham has had good reputation for sails going back nearly 40 years so I thought he would be one of the better coices but without sitting on the fence, in your opinion, one of the 4 mentioned must be a tad better than the others, which one is it? If you can't, (because of position on a governing council etc reason) or or don't want to state a preference (you want to preserve your competitive edge over me) I understand fully but I can't see how 4 or so manufacturers can all be much of a muchness.

In the EDF world it is common knowledge that Daniel Schubeler is the out and out supremo at providing a range of fans that are beautifully crafted, reliable and efficient, he sets the benchmark for the others to aim for. If Graham Bantock is still the man for sails I am happy to applaud him for that achievement, to have that acknowledged should inpire his commercial competition to raise it's game. If all of those 4 truly are at the top of their game and one's results are not going to be affected by sail choice that is fantastic and I applaud them all. It might be that customer service, reliablity. or delivery is the deciding factor but one of them will be better than the others. In model helicopters one of the reatilers sells fantastic stuff but his attitude is shocking, never sending stuff on time, and real sniffy when there is a problem. He is a sole importer and I will avoid the brand rather than put a single penny in his pocket.

I haven't stood beside a pond for 10 years and haven't watched results to know who is the best choice for sails and if I were to build a boat I can understand why no-one would want to tell me, however again I am thinking of the folk who might be considering racing model yachts. Some folk will choose to buy the cheapest sails they can find, some want the best, others want what's "in". I can't seem to find an objective review or discussion about sails, if there is such discussion from the recent past I would appreciate a link.


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