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Originally Posted by austin13 View Post
Jürgen, I appreciate your analysis but sometimes I wonder how close you are to Multiplex .... as you always defend them even on obvious issues.
I bet my shirt (I only have one, it is a big deal) that the carbon shaft issue will soon be a major issue if Mpx does not release a fix about it. On top of the torsional load transfer issue of the carbon shaft, I witnessed another major issue.
The driver and the hexagon collet that are supposed to compress the shaft end to transfer the torque can easily damage it. The torque is transferred through pressure on less than 1 cm length on the shaft leading to mating of the carbon fibers. So that the result was just impressive, on my 5th minute of first flight I simply lost my whole spinner and blades that went loose on the damaged shaft ! Maybe I made something wrong but I simply think it is mechanics and Darwin at work ... Luckily in winter, no crop in my field and I found the prop in less than 20 minutes searching. By the way the Xeno is a great glider which I checked the worst way

Anyone can forward my post to MPX I am sure they will understand what I mean and prepare for massive claims from customers ... let me do another bet :
MPX will soon release a replacement Shaft (stainless, titanium anything that can be trusted) for unsatisfied customers. The weight is not an issue as the Xeno has not been designed to be super light (check the weight of the Tuning set up, it is anything but super light)
Where do you think I am defending Multiplex on obvious issues?

I can see potential issues with the drive system too. I had the prop adapter come lose on me too. Luckily it happened during testing on the ground and I just needed to tighten it more. Wondered whether I should use some glue on the adapter, but we will see how it performs after x flights.

Changing the shaft should be no fun either, as you need to remove and reinstall the motor. It may be a bit tricky to get to the screws and get all the epoxy out of the shaft adapter.

I am not too worried about the linkages at the bottom. This is one of the few models were I have servos with metal gear installed - as recommended.

The canopy of the motorized version has a nice NACA air inlet, but where is the air supposed to go to?

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