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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post
There are some things that are not designed correctly though.
Here they are:
1) the airplane has nothing to protect it during landings from scratches (fixed by me)

2) When folded the control surfaces horns are pressing one another and they keep the Xeno from fully folding because they are too long.

3) The control horns are too long and during landing they touch the ground first taking all the impact. I can't understand why they didn't mounted the control horns on the upper wing area in order to avoid any contact with the ground.

4) It is a known fact from early helicopters when they tried to use carbon rods for the flybar that they can't handle longitudinal torsion stress so i can't understand why they chose a carbon shaft instead of a titanium one which i use in my helicopters.
My conclusion is that the Xeno is a fantastic flying wing with crappy not well
balanced moving parts (the spinner was malformed in my case), fragile shaft, overpriced motor kit and that the folding feature is not that attractive to me at least as i can fit the wing easily to a Toyota Yaris unfolded.
I bought the standard motor drive because i was in a harry to fly it the next day ( i finished the plane in 6 hours at 05:00 am and flew it at 09:00 am)
and i can say from years of experience that the motor included with the standard kit is useless (50W), they could just not include it at all (maybe they had a stock)
Anyway i fitted a Hyperion Z2213-24 (850 Kv) with a 10 x 8 aeronaut folding prop and the Xeno has unlimited vertical and low power consumption.
At full throttle it produces over 1Kg of thrust (static of course) @ 16.5A but the shaft will not hold i am sure as the inertial shock during acceleration from the 10 inch propeller is high.
Hi Chris,

1): Elapor is pretty tough without any additional protection.

2): That has been noticed before. Those who want to fold the wing further, could move servo and control horn by approx. Th8mm on one side.

3): I think it has purely to do with the looks. Servos and linkages on top of a wing don't look so good.

4): The prototypes used different materials. Anything but carbon fibre rod will be heavier - even titanium.

50W was probably OK before the models weight went up. A low kV motor in conection with a bigger prop will increase the loads on the drive shaft by quite a margin, i.e. not a good idea.

I did not notice any crappy plastic parts.

The folding mechanism is great for taking your model on holidays. You may even take it on board of a plane as hand luggage?!

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