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Camera mounting and control

Shipmates: With a lot of help from Dan L. I have managed to rig the camera pan/tilt mechanism as well as rig the Futaba radio and receiver to the Surprise to get some video of the ship underway as well as the firing carronades from on board.

The SPT-200 pan/tilt mechanism is from Servo City. The operation of the system is through a rotating knob on the Futaba radio transmitter that will tell us approximately the direction the camera is facing. The tilt is a little more complicated because we won't know precisely where it is pointing once the ship gets further away. It has been suggested we get one of those little transmitters that would go back to a monitor on shore that would tell us where the camera is pointed but the transmission distance is very limited plus I have the ship down in the water now to the gunwales with gold and silver. Another thought that may be workable will be a servo switch on the camera to start and stop but that is for another day.

I also have the new operational carronades mounted on the port side. A total of 16 working guns are soon to be operational. Two on the forecastle, 5 on the quarter deck, and the rest on the main gun deck in two batteries.

The carronades were built for me by Dan L. and they fit the Surprise perfectly. Test firing has proven the design to be absolutely flawless including the firing mechanism. The larger diameter barrels will make a whole lot more smoke and that is the effect we have been trying for.

When the weather cooperates we will go to the lake and get some videos and photos to post.
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