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Originally Posted by pchicken View Post
Hi Robert,
I'm sure Doug Lord was only trying to liven up debate all those years ago too
I think you will find that with all things considered with regards to any sport or hobby gaining new membership that just holding members in this day and age can be hard work. When compared to many other national organisations you may see that the MYA does not fair so badly. Maybe the same old faces would be happy to step aside if someone decided to step forward? Its an unfortunate position when holding office in an amatuer body as usually those who make the noise in opposition are nowhere to be found at election time.
I'm not knocking that you have some ideas of your own to try. Thats great! many people like Roger Stollery, John Simpson and Dave Creed are great advocates of trying the un-conventional. Why not join them? Don't hide behind excuses
I am not knocking the MYA, I haven't done so wouldn't dream of doing so, my points are raised only to show that the contentment that the rules are fine as they are is actually (to me) making IOM dull, and I feel the rules themselves defeat their own objective of leveling the playing field in terms of money investment. If the RYA would consider a development series of races that would be a big step in kindly my enthusiasm to drive at least 200 miles to one of the clubs mentioned.

As one of the few on these forums prepared to use their own name I hardly think I am the sort of person hide behind anything. I am very open about what I think and why I think it, I always post my mistakes along with my triumphs. The last time I got into this conversation I was asked to prove what I was saying, as requested I hauled up and did just that.

These are not my ideas they keep coming round and round, my point there is that folk are blindly forking out money on the "latest" re-release of an old idea in the vain hope of being at the front of the fleet. Until those folk stop and understand what they are buying and why that bad idea from 10 years ago is suddenly a good idea after all, there is no point in shelling out another penny.
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