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Originally Posted by gio06226 View Post
You may also consider another class to test, and prove your ideas, the M will allow the independent sail control and so will the USOM.
While the US1M may allow 4 function radio control, they (as a development class) restrict the ability to move a keel which a certain "someone" insisted would lead to a much faster boat around a closed pond course. Unfortunately the supposition overlooked issues like tacking duels where swinging a keel from side-to-side via servo was much slower than simply tacking! It also avoided the possibility (like foil borne craft) of pond weeds.

I think if a US1M were built to the desires of Mr. May - it would not fair well against the IOMs simply because of sail area differences. Instead, purchase of a glass IOM (perhaps from Asia) and simply follow ALL of the IOM rules "except" for the separate jib servo, and ask to be allowed to compete. Run it against the good guys - in a demo race before/after a points regatta and post results/photos.

As noted - my multihull will be using a separate jib servo to backwind the jib and help the boat to tack. It's not that it won't now, but with it tacking (especially in high wind) will be much faster and more precise. I do agree, also, with Mr. May that the ability to trim a jib on the water instead of the shore makes sense and is no doubt a benefit - but as soon as everyone is using a third servo jib adjustment - I guess we are back where we are today. Everything is equal once again and it comes down to the skippers ability to steer, find windshifts, and play tactics. None of these skills seem to be better served or improved with a jib servo - especially if the idea being used on a fleet of boats. If - after the modification to 3 servos, all boats of a fleet are back to sailing in their respective finishing order as they were with only 2 servos - all that has transpired is an additional cost, additional and possible equipment malfunctions, and yet one more line to control by a singlehanded skipper who sails without crew. To me, a video display back tot he skipper from the boat would be a greater benefit to see tell-tales and improve mark rounds by being close enough to see/judge distances from the other side of the pond. Seems that would be of a greater benefit to a singlehanded skipper in making it around a course as quickly as possible.

Then again - that performance supposition is also just that ...... until it is tried and proven.
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