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I've tidied the plan up as you can see, but can you confirm that the wing thickness is right? And what construction method did you use for the wing? I think it is a sheeted front 1/3rd of the wing with capping strips in the middle. For the trailing edge, is the edge only a thin 1/8th by a 14 strip, with 3/4 inch sheeting against it. I'm not 100% sure on how to interpret the trailing edge constuction. Any suggestions orphotos?

Heres what gear i intend to set up in the plane

I have bought the timber, and ordered a light weight battery pack. I'm going to use a 2s 500 mah Lipo (31gm) hooked up to 6v 3 amp regulator. For a total battery weight of 38gm inc connections.

Servos. I have HXT 900 servos on hand, but will use 1 servo per aileron connection, for simplicity of trimming. Since i will be using seperate servos in each wing, would a HXT 500 surfice here?

Push rods. I love pull pull systems, both for there really precise control and lack of flutter, and there lack of weight!

Tailplane. While the construcion shown on the plane looks really light and strong, i'll use an alternative method that i discussed earlier. 3 laminations of 1/16 balsa, all at 60 deg to each other, with the center piece's grain running lengthwise. Lightening holes will be drilled to keep weight down as well. I glue the pieces up inbetween glass sheets to keep them perfectly flat.

Engine. An old ASP 12 is what i have on hand, hooked up to a 7x4 or 8x4 APC prop.

I am going to build this as light as possible, so will emit landing gear and hand launch and belly land it. All suggestions on how to save weight will be gladly recieved!

Hope everyone enjoys the plan and plane,

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