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hello, i did not make eficiency calculation, but my tests were very clear:

in my small flying wing, the motor time was reduced a lot when all the electronic was connected with the Vbooster.
when i changed and connect only the receiver (to protect me from reboot at full throttle), it was perfect...

i think that using a Vbooster in a small 1S plane is an error, because the lipo's voltage drop to much so the efficiency of Vbooster si bad. Also i was using small 100MaH lipo, which can't give a lot of amperes...

in a glider and with a bigger lipo (240 or 300 mah), it may be good, but you need to make discharge test to have an idea of the flying time you have.

also you must considere that the original Vbooster is about the weight of a lipo 1S 350 mah, so it can be more reliable to use a small 2S configuration with a regulador for just 3 grams more....
also a spektrum receiver and dymond D47 servos can be directly used with a 2S lipo without regulador but i never tried. in this case you have a very good power and speed on the servos, and really a little Amperes of consum (P=ui, so more V = less A for the same result)

now if we make some calculation:
if the Vbooster is perfect (and he is not ) if you need 5V 0,2A you will need 0,27A if your lipo is about 3,7V...

if the vbooster has an efficiency of 80%, you will consume 0,35A so 1 hour of flight time with a 350 mah 1S lipo.

in any case, you must test your discharge time....

in my binary 900 i'm using the original 4cell nimh battery 180Mah wich is 20,1 grams.
i have also a 17 grams 150ma (4 cell nimh from micro T) wich give me the possibilitie to mount an altimeter without changing too much the CG position!
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