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Hey Jaybird,

The MSR is a great little heli, but it is very very nippy once it gets going, and it can get away from you very quickly even if your experienced.

So before you try and fly it read the manual - you can de-tune it (a lot) which is best for a newbie. To do this turn on the TX an then push straight down on the right stick on the TX (you will feel and hear a click) for say three seconds and the red light will be blinking on and off -this denotes that the sensitivity of the control sticks are turned way down. Fly it this way for a while. You can turn it back any time by holding down again and red light is solid and heli TX is sensitive again.
The mode 1 or 2 on this TX are cosmetic only - if your in the US you'll have a Mode 1 - your throttle will be on the left. I'm in OZ and it's the reverse, don't ask me why.
If you haven't flown a heli at all before the MSR is probably going to be quite a challenge - so take it very slowly. The E-Flite MCX while dull (after a while) is a much much better heli to learn the basic feel for the controls and for orientation, particularly nose in orientation. If you have the MSR motoring straight back at you at a rate of knots, you had better have the hang of the controls being completely reversed or duck!
However the MSR is the toughest little beast of a heli I've ever owned. I have really nailed quite a few times, no problems at all, just whip the throttle to zero asap if you can't stop it from hitting the wall.
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