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Half Wave whip

Halfwave whip

Perhaps the simplest antenna, but the least efficient of those described herein. It typically needs a base reflector to operate at peak efficiency. However, there is not one available in the airplane so we’ll do without. The radiation pattern and gain are similar to the dipole. You can hack the junk antenna that came with your TX for this antenna.


You will need a small tube (such as a ball point pen), an SMA plug, and a piece of 22 AWG solid wire. Cut a length of wire 2” longer than TWICE your quarter wave calculation. Solder this wire to the needle of your SMA plug. Place the needle inside the SMA plug so the narrow portion completely protrudes from the plastic in the base. Trim your antenna at exactly twice your quarter wavelength calculation from the top of the SMA plug barrel (where the wire exits the connector). Place your tube over the top of the wire down inside the SMA plug and secure.

Alternately, you can modify the junk andtenna that comes with the TX as described in the Modifying the junk antenna thread.
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