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Key Chain Camera

Seems I am not the only one trying to figure this out so I thought I would post my research. Sorry for the long post. I hope someone finds it useful to have it all in one place

-The back left buttons are dummies just ignore them
-I will refer to the other 2 buttons as back and front buttons
-The back button is PWR and the front one is REC video or Take Photo
-Battery is rechargeable and from any USB port
-The light blinks when charging
-The light comes on steady when it is charged
-If Batt is dead the only way to know is that it will not turn on
-If batt dies during recording it saves the video to file and then turns it self off
-if mem card becomes full it does the same thing
-Press and hold back button until Light comes on Steady (this turns power on)
-Press and hold front button until light flashes and then goes out (Starts recording)
-Press and release front button to stop recording (light will come on steady when recording is stopped)
-instead of holding down the front button press and release it
-hold camera steady until the light goes out and then comes back on

to turn off camera press and hold the back button until light goes out
-it will turn off by itself if no photo or video is taken for about 20 - 30 sec

to view files just plug into USB and treat like any USB drive (cut and past ect...)
I did a little test and it seems a full charge will record for about 1 hr provided you have enough memory
to set date
-Create a .txt file, named TAG.TXT ( you can use notepad in windows)
-Put the correct date and time into the file according below format. i.e.


-Save the file, and copy it into micro SD card into the root directory (ie same area as the DCIM folder).
-Unplug camera from USB port
-Turn camera off and back on (use back button)

the date and time should be set up successfully now
shoot and view a test video of a clock to check it out
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