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Hey guys,

Me and three others split the postage costs and brought some into Aus - worked out quite well at a tad under AU180 each.

On two of the models (I didnt see the other two) there was a small quality issue with a curvature (S-shaped) on the trailing edge of the one of the wings (at the joiner). Not the best but mine mostly went away when i glued the wings together (i ended up splitting the trailing edge and re-glassing). Not the best but okay for a model of its price. Did anyone else have this issue?

Mine ended up at about 135grams (my cheap digital scales range from 134-136) grams. I used 3x2.5gm Arrow servos, 1s 350mah lipo, Lipo booster (to 5v), ar6100e.

It flys great though - i didnt need any weight to balance it out. I have only done a "rough" balance but in a dive it maintains its heading - so i reckon the CG is good. Only just programmed in the camber and reflex so i'll test these out tonight.

I was paranoid about weight so i built light, always mopped up excess epoxy etc. Although i might have saved 15grams or so (7.5 grams just by going to a 2.5g servo instead of a 5gram servo, servo extensions using thin wire from an old computer mouse) - I dont think its going to have that much of an effect (i was getting lift in poor conditions yesterday). I might bump myself up to a 2s Lipo and a regulator just for that "peice of mind" factor.

I'm not totally sure what happens with the voltage booster once the lipo drops to a certain point. I'm sure its not going to be pretty though. In an hours flying i used about 80mah of the 350mah pack.

I got my lipo, voltage booster and servos from hobby city.

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