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Another bit of advice. If possible, fly over carpet when learning. The softer the things are around it, the less likely of any damage to heli. Also, if flying outside, try to stay over grass as its much softer than asphalt.

Couple other things. Check to see if you have the new tail rotor. Look at the tail motor on the end and see if there is a small cap over the wires going into the can. If there is, great, nothing to worry about, if not, then take a couple pieces of small black electrical tape and tape over the end and around the end of the can. Also, if no cap, push the rotor blade all the way in. This will help to prevent the end cap from getting ripped off if you have a tail in crash.

One other thing and I can't stress this enough. If you think your going to crash, cut the throttle immediately. Make this a habit. You do not want to let the blades continue to thrash about when you hit the ground as this can cause damage. I dont care if your 6 feet in the air, if you have lost control and know your going to crash, cut the throttle. This will save you much hassles in the long run.

There are two different blade grip mods you can do to it if you want. The first one involves cutting a small section of the blade in the back where it hits the blade grips. This will allow for the blades to bend back a little farther on a crash without breaking the blade grips. The other mod is to pull the screws out just a little bit in the blade grips (That connect the blade grips to each other, not the screw that connects the blade itself) and put a small drop of CA onto the screws and screw them back in.

In reality, if you just learn to cut the throttle before it hits the ground, the blade grip mods are more than likely not needed. I think it took me two months before I broke a blade grip and that was because I hit the ceiling fan chain and it shot it into the tv before I had a chance to power it off.

And welcome to the wonderful world of RC helicopters. Your soooo going to be addicted.
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