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Wing Tips Tips

So far every time I built a wing it goes well up to the tips. There are several types I know of, the Hoerner, Rounded, Flat cut-off, and chord line runner.

The Hoerner is the easiest I have covered because the 45* cut leaves a nice big area to overlap the top and bottom sheet. Great for smaller wings but it takes a big chunk of balsa to cut and carve for a 10 inch or longer chord. And it takes a tip-ground snag well. They add lots of strength to the tip.

Rounded looks very tricky to apply covering, I haven't covered one yet. And this one also takes a big chunk of wood.

Flat cut-off is another easy cover but looks like it will need lots of support to keep the rib from bowing in or breaking from cover tension. And by that I mean does the ledge run along the chord line ? Seems that type could make a rolling tendency if the ledge is not closely running along the chord line.

Chord Line Runner is not an official name, but that's what I call it. It is a ledge of balsa that sticks out spanwise and runs along the chord line. It leaves angled ends on the top and bottom since the chord line is somewhat along the vertical middle of the rib. Looks like the easy out for amount of material, ease of covering and weight.
But how does it perform ?

I read that our 6 foot and under wings really do not have enough surface area to make subtle curves mean much, just not enough area to get airflow trained.

Any suggestions and especially about the chord line runner type ? Exactly how to orient the runner is what I need to know.

I'll dig up some photos as soon as I find some, or someone else who has examples ready could show 'em pretty please.

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