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This thread is going so well.

I've got zip idea of a rudderless boat if that is what Bob was suggesting. The fish analogy was actaully quite good. Some fish have a large dorsal fin (Sail) used for stability. I have Discus fish.

My stupid questions for an IOM newbie -

Could someone direct me to a diagram showing a sane IOM sheeting diagram for a servo arm? Pls no discussion on RMGs being better. This is for a boat I wish to make competetive with a sail arm servo. It's $200 cheaper. $50 for a Hitec HS-815BB or an RMG 280 for $250. I don't want to win races just be competetive. I built my Noux2 with the aim of being cheap. Trying for under $300. So far I am just over that cost. Plug included and I make my own sails.

With the sheeting set-up the less pulley blocks the better. Saw one set-up that needed 6 pulley blocks! At $20 a pop that is just silly. I'm thinking 2 blocks one tang.

Next stupid question - with a servo arm set-up where is elastic used? Please I'm a visual person and a diagram would be great.

My next post will be aimed at builders who know how to make CF fins. How do I make fin / rudder molds. Baby steps please.

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