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Sherlock you are a lost cause.

You have missed every time I have corrected those on the right, even in this thread.

You my friend are the only ideologue (I spelled it correctly you did not) in this discussion.

Your floundering about is the most pathetic cry for attention I have seen in a very long time.

You bring nothing into the discussion, if it is not warming talking points you don't have a discussion. You have not brought one piece of original thought into this forum. You yell louder and longer than anyone else but you don't say anything or complete a continuous stream of thought.

The sad part is your so "hooked and cooked" that you can't even see how inane your own rants are.

You have been sucked into an unfalsifiable theory, and one day you will see that you have been mislead. You will probably disappear from this board when that happens so I'll tell you now I don't hate or even dislike you, I feel sorry for you. And you'll say "I don't care/need you to feel sorry for me" but I will anyway.

I'm happy that you enjoy draconian systems of control based on manipulation and malfeasance, enjoy it while you can. Voting day is coming and when it does I think your going to be unhappy for a very, very long time.

I'm not even going to bother addressing the content of your post, it is a waste of time, many others have already eviscerated your ridiculous views.

There not much else to say, I think you said it all with this statement.

Originally Posted by Sherlock View Post
How stupid am I!! There is snow outside my window and I still believe in GW! WOOOOOPSS
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