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Global Warming MIA (Forgot To Show Up This Winter)

I've scaled back on my posting because the discussion has degraded into the warmers trying to play down the CRU debacle which is one of the most inane moves I have seen yet and, the thrust of the discussion has changed to "is too warming"/"is not warming". I know science, and the contents and implications of the emails and data leaked from CRU are huge. They would not be investigating these entities and researchers if there was nothing important in the leak. The really scary part of this is these were the leading scientists for global warming. Warmers say "but it represents very little of the consensus", au contraire mon frair. Scientist's around the world have based their research and findings on the temperature reconstructions of Mann et al. This means the "errors" or doctored data has been magnified exponentially. I've pointed this out before but the warmers like to gloss over it, I wonder why? You need look no further than the multiple temperature reconstruction or the spaghetti graph. And, let’s not forget we had multiple warnings about the malfeasance of this group from multiple sources including Mann's prior supervisor.

The main argument of the warmers continues to be that we are all in bed with big oil and gas; well we already debunked that so let’s move on from there.

Secondarily warmers try to paint anyone who doesn't agree with them as conspiracy theory tin foil hat wearers citing some liberal final solution garbage, a distraction technique, a bad one at that and not relative to the discussion at hand.

Warmers like to throw out the idea that the scientists would have no reason to cook the books; you’re not that dumb, as Brett Baer said "PLEASE”. Notoriety, funding, influence, demand for your services, a place in the history books and all of the professional and personal perks than come along with them. People have killed for much less, I think we have established that they have a motive. Ergo they also have a motive to squash any attempt to reveal or shed light on any transgressions.

The warmer response is to post more of the same flawed data and act like it is gospel, maybe to the warmers but the rest of the world isn’t buying it.

So much for Sherlock's vocal minority theory.

My Objectivity says, just because the books were cooked does not mean that global warming could not exist but what it does say is the science is far form settled and the process of data collection and manipulation must be restructured and taken out of the hands of politicians and policy makers to remove the chance for an appearance of bias. Full disclosure and transparency must be enforced. This is fair and inline with good scientific practices. We are not there, so any perceived consensus is a political consensus and not scientifically based.

I want to ask of you, just consider for a moment what would happen to the credibility of President Obama, Al Gore and many others if they were to admit that they jumped the gun. Even if you don't believe it consider it for a moment. This process will reveal the truth, they are not about to tell the truth if it means backing away from their position, their credibility would suffer too much. Are these the kinds of metrics we should be using to characterize a subject with carries the complexity and enormity of the consequences HCGW theory carries? hell no!

The politicians need to shut up and the scientists need to be allowed to sort the wheat from the chaff, this must be done by an inclusive international contingency not a handful of politically compromised cherry picked ideologues.

I digress, back on the politics of this deal. I'm trying to understand what the motivation is for warmers to ignore reality and insist on creating another system of control. OTOH I think that is what most people object to is the creation of yet another ambiguous draconian system of control. I guess the liberal mind is habituated to urbanized life and systems of control give them comfort. I couldn't disagree more myself.

But back to the title of the thread, it appears as though GW forgot to show up this winter, we have experienced wide spread record low temps, 1st snowfall dates and snowfall amounts. This is happening across the entire US which is much too large an event to be discarded as weather vs. climate.

This peaked my interest and I want to remind you of the Great Pacific Climate shift. This is a ~30 cycle and it involves the La Niņa /El Niņo phenomenon. The last shift was approx somewhere in the 1977-1979 time period so we are due to shift again. If you factor in that global temps have cooled in the last couple of years, and the change in weather patterns you get the sum of an equation that relates to its inputs quite nicely. We also know that the Great Pacific Climate shift has worldwide effects, as noted by the Australians in there research and the description of the related southern oscillation influence.

These are tangible results from a well documented and understood part of the function of our world. It doesn't resort to ambiguous theories about order less colorless gasses and or predicate the outcome on flawed output from models substituted for real observations.

The latest declaration by the EPA is the most ridiculous thing I have seen in memory. CO2 is critical to our existence on this planet. The claims by skeptics that it will dramatically increase plant growth are overstated but the premise originally came from is sound scientific knowledge. However, the claims of impeding doom from CO2 are preposterous. OTOH if the EPA steps in and starts slapping down regulations the science of GW will be put on trial due to law suits which will be a good thing. So that may yet be another way we can get to the bottom of this.

The response from the warmers on this board has been typical and lately has become completely pathetic.

Denver, Co. Denver has already had a much colder winter than they have had in many years with much more snow. What is interesting is they are having lots of problems with frozen water pipes. Also interesting are the homes built prior to 1980's all had the pipes buried much deeper to avoid this problem. As the climate warmed the builders saved money by burying pipes shallower than before. Now that the winter storms have intensified again we are finding out that our short sighted human notions are once again not followed by Mother Nature.

So I'll leave you to make up your own minds, but I believe if the planet had a soul it would be laughing at the silly humans over the HCGW theory. And, I suspect it will continue to teach us lessons as long as we inhabit this planet.

Record Low Temps in Alaska November 2009

Record Low Temps in Alaska December 2009

I'll stop there but I can go on and on......
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