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Originally Posted by Z06 Tony View Post
I have purchased many items from Xheli and Jamie at Boomtown. Jamie gives you the personal attention you will NEVER get from a discount house like Xheli. You cannot get wholesale prices and a guy waiting for your call with questions or problems. Thats just the way business works. Its one or the other. The phone thing with Xheli is cus they would need a staff off 50 to take care of all the guys who buy a heli and cannot fly and think the heli is defective cus it does not fly itself. Been there done that. I thought helis flew themselves also. If Boomtown sold an item that Xheli sold his price would be more.
I would never get into the hobby business.
FWIW, companys make mistakes. A mistake does not mean they are the worst company cus the problem was with your order.
In my case it was nothing to do with flying a heli or a newbie. They send me a defective TX with a heli and then I got the run around. The told me the TX was on the way and I recieved one from another brand of heli that was not compatible. Then they told me the proper one was on the way. A month later I still did not have it and then they tell me just because I received a shipping notification does not mean the item is shipped but simply the label was printed. Make sense to you? Not to me. I got the online live support and was passed from one to another but no one knew how to resolve the problem. Any emails send generated a reply that they would answer ASAP. However days later the answers I recieved were "rubber stamped" answers but never made sense. I finally found out about this "Andy" guy and he resolved the problem immediately.

So I decided to give them another chance and ordered some parts. BIG mistake, another screw-up as the wrong parts were send. The same run around this time, took forever to resolve.

Never again!

There is another thread about Xheli problems on the Vendors Forum.
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