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I disagree, I've found simulators extremely valuable and the experience I have gained on the computer translates to the real world extremely well. I am a newbie and have only recently come back to model flying after many years of absense, with no recollection of prior experience.

I put in many hours of practice on the simulator before even attempting to fly my Pico Cub which ment by the time I was ready for first flight I was familar with the controls and my responses where natural. I never had to think which stick did what, I have never to remember during a real flight 'prop up the lower wing' when the plane is travelling towards me as this was all done on the sim.

As testiment to this I have never crashed my plane due to pilot error in over fifty flights, I compared this to Jerry Simons experience with the same model without first using a sim, found here

Read what Jerry says about sims after initally not using one and then how useful he found them afterwards. He bought Realflight G2 eventually.

I'm now going to progress to a low wing alieron model but will put in quite some time on the sim first and when it comes to the real world hopefully this model remains in tact as long.

Imagine how long you would need with a club instructor to gain the same amount of experience.

I've never found a problem changing from sim to real world as I do not believe someone playing quake would think their sole purpose is to kill aliens as soon as their PC is switched off.

Ok, there is a video game resembalance to these products but that doesn't mean they are not 'serious simulators', who says that learning can't be fun?

I feel anyone who can't perform a perfect rolling circle would benefit from a simulator. Furthermore you can also try new models before actually parting with cash to see there tendancy to tip stall for example, alter a models setup on the sim such as move the COG or change the motor/prop/battery capacity
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