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SeaDart easy build waterplane parkflyer *PLANS*

Here is my project for the summer holidays

A prop in slot version of the Convair XF2Y Seadart. It is basically a semi-profile park jet that can fly off water.

Material: 6mm Depron
Wing span: 29" (737mm)
Length: 41.5" (1055mm)
Flying weight tested: 17.6oz - 19.4 (500g - 550g)
Motor: 2212-06 (2200kv)
Prop: APC 6x4E
Battery: 1800 – 2200 mah 3S lipo

It flies off water or grass.

Original design:
Depron Seadart on water (4 min 0 sec)

Depron Seadart (1 min 18 sec)

Seadart v2 (1 min 35 sec)

CG position: 6" to 8" back from wing break. (Requires about 1/3" (8mm) of up trim, measured at the inboard elevon edge)

The THRUST ANGLE and SKI RAISE modifications are not required for the V2 plans

Control throws (measured at the inboard elevon edge):

0.8" (20mm) up
0.8" (20mm) down
30% expo

0.9" (23mm) up
0.9" (23mm) down
30% expo

2.2" (56mm) left
2.2" (56mm) right
75% expo

Some handling tips:

Water handling:
A medium fast taxi that lets the plane just rise up on the ski and the tip floats is the easiest way to get around on water. At higher speeds, where only one tip float may be touching the surface, a bit of aileron with the rudder helps with turning.

Take off:
A good take off technique is to let the plane accelerate until it is just riding on the ski and then apply gentle up elevator to get it airborne smoothly.

General flying is easy. Expect some minor pitch changes when suddenly opening the throttle at very low speeds, due to the high thrust line.

Landings are easy. These can be done fast and smooth or you can flare to zero airspeed and plop down.

Please post a picture if you build one and any positive or negative feedback is welcome.

*****A short kit of this plane is available: *****

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