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Originally Posted by Ryan Archer View Post
hey guys,
these both use the ar6400, but neither is 4 channel...
only one is brushless also, i just had an extra laying around for the horten type wing, anyways the canard weighs 20 grams rtf, and has 40 grams of thrust from the brushless motor, and a 5 by 3 carbon propellor, controls are thrust vectoring, for the rudder, and the canard moves for the elevator, the horten is powered by two aero ace motors/propellors, both fly at just about walking speed, and very well, i am extremely happy with both, but a lesson learnt here is, when flying a thrust vectored plane, that relys on only the rudder and elevator, do NOT throttle down when your going to hit something and try to turn hahahaha
making me spend my money too! Gotta build a canard now, too cool! Could you describe the power setup?
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