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we did beat it to death in this thread here.
and this thread too:

1) Yeah it is hard to get the microprocessor analog converter to match a decent voltmeter, so it will be likely off. it is the variance of tolerance of the parts they used for resistors etc.
2) Sorry I didn't notice or try it.
3) Yeah the mixing can work both ways when you set it up. I haven't tried that option on my systems yet. I ran the flaps separate from the ailerons.
4)I set mine for 0 to whatever throw I could get on the flaps, I didn't have the flaps go up.
5) idledown is where you adjust the percentage to kill the engine when you toggle a switch associated to it. It is like using the mechanical trim on the throttle to stop the engine by setting the throttle to close enough to stop the engine.
6) they misspelled other things too. Like the MODE 1,2,3,4 options they spelled it as MODEL 1,2,3,4.
7) Yeah DR's work, I didn't see anything wrong there. I would have liked assigning all the DR's to one switch though, instead of individual switches.
8) Probably, maybe, maybe not, it might change on the next production run.
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