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Originally Posted by Wobby View Post
Couple things.

For the guys that LOVE posting your videos on Vimeo !
Do you realise that Vimeo takes your 30fps, and down converts it to 24fps
Did you realize that Vimeo changed their codec several months ago (close to a year
now I think), and they now maintain original fps up to at least 30fps?
(Download the re-encoded vid with any of the various Firefox video download add-ons
and look at the media info in something like VLC).
Back when they were using the flash mpeg4 codecs in a .flv container
they did downsample to 24-25fps. Now that they're using the same h.264 codec
and .mp4 container as YouTube, it'll do 30fps. They still bias their compression
settings a bit toward image quality over motion, which means YouTube's
high motion vids still tend to look smoother, when they bother to create
a HQ version of the vid (which I can't get consistently).

So, PAL to vimeo has a slight edge over NTSC to Vimeo.
Premise kinda falls down here now..

However, I *definitely* notice the difference between 24-25fps and 30fps
in high motion vids. If you're floating around several hundred feet over,
not such a big deal. Turning and burning between the trees, it matters.

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