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The iMax/Eurgle/Turnigy 9x Facts/How-to Thread!

Hi there folks.

So I got my 9x. Being my first computer Tx, looks fine. I'm setting it up to try everything possible on a electric foamie before flying glow A/C with it (still stickin to my Futaba for that!), so I can grow to trust it (or not!)

I've read a lot about it online, and found out that a lot of people have that equipment, but there is no source of knowledge about it, because the manual is so poor and whenever there is a thread on that, it turns to discussing wether the Tx is good or not. That's not the purpose of this topic, so if you want to post some kind of personal opinion on the equipment, please go to the right thread for that. The idea here is to post facts and questions and its solutions so all of us owners of a good looking 9x can enjoy it at its best.

To the moderators, I hope this is an acceptable topic. If not, please erase or lock. But I'd really appreciate if this one remains, because a) it's harmless and b) it can help us all build a knowledge base on a product that is lacking that so far, and that product shall be quite popular somewhere in the future due to its low price, IF it gets to be a respectable Tx. Thanks.

So what I got so far:

1 - The voltmeter on the Tx measures always around 0.9 - 1.0V less on the battery than my Fluke.

2 - Failsafe with Assan module works nicely, but I didn't see any differences Between the settings NORM and 000%. Whenever I cut power on the TX, all the plane command surfaces come to neutral position and the engine cuts off.

3 - As I'm trying to explore all I can from the Tx, I set up 2 servos for ailerons in different channels (1 and 6), and activated the Flaperon mix. I assigned the PIT TRIM pot to flaps, but I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or the feature is poor, because the ailerons get to neutral position when the pot is in the middle. They go down when I turn it counter-clockwise and up (like spoilers) when I turn it clockwise.
While this can be useful when flying faster models, that's not what I expected. Am I programming it wrong?

4 - Still on the flaps subject, when I go to the DISPLAY option and move the pot around, flaps show like 30% up and 30% down only. Can I get more flaps than that?

5 - What is the Idledown feature?

6 - My firmware spells SNOPROLL on the SNAPROLL feature.

7 - Dual Rates and Expo seem to be working ok. But then again, it's my first computer Tx and I've tested only on the ground (will fly on the weekend)

8 - The battery connector has 3 pins. Middle one is + and both left and right are working as - on mine. Are all of them like that?

All the best!
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