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Looks like the website is toast. lots of SQL errors.

INVALID SQL: 1146 : Table 'gravity_hkltd_xcart.xcart_images_C' doesn't exist
SQL QUERY FAILURE:SELECT xcart_categories.categoryid as cid, xcart_categories.categoryid, xcart_categories.parentid, xcart_categories.categoryid_path, xcart_categories.category, xcart_categories.avail, xcart_categories.order_by, IF(xcart_categories_lng.categoryid IS NOT NULL AND xcart_categories_lng.category != '', xcart_categories_lng.category, xcart_categories.category) as category, xcart_categories_subcount.subcategory_count, xcart_categories_subcount.product_count, xcart_images_C.image_path, xcart_images_C.image_x, xcart_images_C.image_y FROM xcart_categories USE INDEX (am) LEFT JOIN xcart_categories_lng USE INDEX (PRIMARY) ON xcart_categories_lng.code='US' AND xcart_categories_lng.categoryid=xcart_categories.c ategoryid LEFT JOIN xcart_category_memberships ON xcart_category_memberships.categoryid = xcart_categories.categoryid LEFT JOIN xcart_categories_subcount USE INDEX (PRIMARY) ON xcart_categories_subcount.categoryid = xcart_categories.categoryid AND xcart_categories_subcount.membershipid = '1' LEFT JOIN xcart_images_C ON xcart_categories.categoryid = WHERE xcart_categories.parentid IN ('0','0') AND xcart_categories.avail = 'Y' AND (xcart_category_memberships.membershipid IS NULL OR xcart_category_memberships.membershipid = '1') GROUP BY xcart_categories.categoryid ORDER BY xcart_categories.order_by, category
INVALID SQL: 1146 : Table 'gravity_hkltd_xcart.xcart_images_H' doesn't exist
SQL QUERY FAILURE:SELECT xcart_hot_products.* , IFNULL(xcart_hot_products_lng.title, xcart_hot_products.title) as title, IF( IS NULL, '', 'Y') as is_image from xcart_hot_products LEFT JOIN xcart_hot_products_lng ON = AND xcart_hot_products_lng.code = 'US' LEFT JOIN xcart_images_H ON = ORDER BY orderby
INVALID SQL: 1146 : Table 'gravity_hkltd_xcart.xcart_images_T' doesn't exist
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