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Originally Posted by bracky72 View Post
I think there is less then 25 dragonlinks in existence. I have one of them. It's a amazing piece of technology but I worry about having something happening to my receiver and never obtaining a replacement. At this point I recommend Scherrer UHF because it is available now. Once dragonlink production ramps up then it will become a more valid option.

Here are two impressive videos displaying the power of a LRS.

This first one made by Jettpilot using the dragonlink.

This next one made by me using Scherrer LRS.
I was a little bit worried of the connections that i have to do to apply the booster to my radio because I'm not a electrician pro. How complicated is it? Also what does UHF stand for ?
And I was wondering , I don't know if you are familiar, right now I have the new Aurora 9 ,2.4Ghz from Multiplex and on the Scherrer's post it says
'it can be used with any RC system that have PPM trainer outputs and with a CONSTANT PPM frame time"
I was wondering if that means that I would have to get the 72 Mhz module synthesizer from Multiplex in order put the PPM outputs?
I know there's a lot of questions & I understand if you don't have the time to answer me all Thanks for your input anyway
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