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Thanks for taking the time to take all those pictures. I've been pouring over them and really the only question is whether those packs will actually fit in that nose somehow. I love how this plane looks.

I look forward to hearing back from you on battery placement. One of the big challenges of the Spit is that super stubby nose, which makes it hard to balance. Looking at that photo you took looking down the body of the fuse, it appears that they've built the body very light in order to help get the CG. The formers are sparse and light. Hopefully it's still fairly strong.

Heck, to get it to balance you may NEED a big honking pack like a 6S 5000 mah put up front behind the motor.

On my 50 sized CMP P51, the primary issue was the weakness of the very front piece of plywood. In order to get packs mounted through the battery hatch, the motor had to be mounted to the front of the plane, not to a firewall or the other wood formers running up the length. But the front of the plane was flimsy, so the motor keeps going into major vibration because it's not attached to something strong. I still haven't solved that problem, so the bird is grounded.

Would you do me a huge favor and just grab the front and flex it a bit and see if you think it's strong enough to hold that motor without wobbling?

Thanks Mike! Can't wait to see it flying!
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