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WebOCalc shows us a list of candidate props

Before I go on to the next lesson, we should stop and take a look at that last picture and notice that WOC is actually giving us a few different possible candidates for props.

If you look at the last column where it says "Approximate Gear Ratio", you can safely assume that if the Gear Ratio is between .95 and 1.05, that those particular props deserve some consideration as possible contenders. As it turns out, our closest match was a .99 gear ratio. But you can see there are four more contenders that we can consider. Here's a little tip for you, I've found after extensive use of WOC that the closest prop to a 1.00 gear ratio is the only one I ever need to consider for my planes.

A gear ratio of 1.00 represents a direct drive motor. The best prop was given to us as an APC 10x7 SF prop on a gearbox ratio of .99, which is pretty close to a perfect 1.00, so now we are going to learn how to play with WOC to show us the figures for that prop with a 1.00 (direct drive) ratio.

This is the part I like the best about working with WOC; getting it to give us a perfect 1.00 gear ratio.

We'll do that in the next post.
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