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You might be able to try that glass melamine in some areas of high stress. Great Cad work and ideas.
Hi Jeff,
Thanks, and thanks again for that glass. I'm sure I'm going to be burning up some cutters on it.

Nice Jig you have there..... the framing looks good.
Hi Gene,
Thanks. Check out the nose cone. I think you'll find that process interesting.

looking great so far! i love scratch building. sure gives you a sense of accomplishment when its done.
Hi CN,
Thanks. Yep, one of my daughter's boy friends was commenting how he could never build one of these cause he just didn't have the patience. I told him I was the same way. I just don't have the patience to wait for someone else to make me exactly what I want or the patience to wait for the 12th of never to be able to afford it. It's nice to be in control.

In the mean time, I got part of the left side sheeted and the left LEX sheeted. You can't really tell it from the picture but I'm really happy how well the LEX turned out. It really captures that cobra hood look on the real bird.
I also made up a mockup of the canopy to get a better feel for things.

Since I started sheeting I also have to think about getting the nose cone done. I chopped the nose cone off the 3D model, split it in half, and then generated the g-code for each half to feed to my mill. I had this chunk of machinable wax sitting around so I turned the mill loose on that. The first photo shows the end of the roughing pass where most of the block has been chewed away. The second shot things at the end of the finishing pass.

Not sure what caused those ledges but they'll be easy enough to fix. I took a file and smoothed out the scallops left from the milling and other than the ledges it looks pretty good. I'll probably get the other half machined Friday. I've been inspired to give mold making / fibreglassing a try by the Super Bandit thread so I bought a 50 pound bag of Hydrocal yesterday and figure this nose cone is a good place to learn.

Dan Eaton
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