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Clay, my middle name is range check! And of course you are right. The weak part of the range is with the model pointed directly back at me. But even in that orientation, the signal was just lost at 30 paces..... All other orientations are beyond min. specs.

Also note that one tube runs along the upper skin, and one along the lower skin. Since the tubes have a slight curve to them, it was easy to rotate them to get this desireable configuration. I have flown it a couple times now at medium ranges so far without issue. We'll see how it performs at extreme ranges as necessary.

Noel, I simply used a piece of 1/16 wire, and hand twist drilled a hole throught the shear web. For the leading edge, I used my dremel with a 1/16" bit, then slightly enlarged the hole so I could work with it. It ended up being abot 3/32" dia.

The tubing was purchased a long time ago from a guy that lost his shop due to fire. He supplied teflon tubing to be used for pushrod housings for the XP series type gliders when we were all using small diameter carbon pushrods. I am sorry, but I do not know where to get it now. Others on this list will likely remember. I am sure that Bruce, Denny, Oleg, or Phil would know where to get the stuff these days.

Cheers all.

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