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My new Micro V canopy came today

I have been anticipating the arrival of my new Micro V canopy for a few days now. This canopy looks great. It's a sleeker design than the stock canopy and should be a little more aerodynamic. GMRO used .020 plastic. It doesn't feel quite like lexan, feels like PETG. Maybe Ron can enlighten us further on the plastic type. The canopy should definitly hold up well to normal use, but I wouldn't count on it standing up to a hard crash very well. But at the inexpensive price of only $25, it's easy to replace.

PETG tends to be slightly heavier and less crash resiliant than Lexan, but it's a whole lot easier to mold and a whole lot cheaper than Lexan. Lexan requires at least an hour of predrying at about 200 degrees F (lexan is hygroscopic), then needs to be heated up to about 400 degrees to become formable. PETG however doesn't require predrying and molds at about 250-300 degrees. PETG is also about 1/5th the cost of Lexan. So, for producing canopies on a small scale, PETG is definitly excelent. You can make far more canopies in a shorter time at a lower cost, which then can be reflected in the final price of the product. Having molded R/C car bodies I know that Vacuum forming is a big pain in the behind.

Also, with PETG, do not use the score-and-fold method of cutting! Use lexan scissors.

I noticed no thin spots in the plastic while I looked it over. The molding of this canopy is of excelent quality, that helps in keeping it strong.

In my opinion, this is an excelent product for an excelent price. I can't wait for my liquid mask to dry and paint mine.

*thumbs up*

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