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I for one is leaving LiPo's. I have $400 invested.

One selfmade 2s3p etec1200 pack, still working - never crashed
Two 2s4p TP1950's used as one - crashed. Some cells are dead/swollen.

Now, the risk of crash damage is obvious - even conventional cells can take damage during a crash. But the swelling of this pack did not occur untill 6+weeks after impact. Hadnt been in use since the crash except some cycling on the charger to check them out after they impacted.

Up untill then I wasnt put off on LiPo.

Then Gary's Funtana goes up in flames for whatever reason while he was charging the pack inside the model. Model/pack and charger is toast. If it could happen to Gary, it can happen to anyone for no apparent reason. Now I'm put off

We as efliers have abused our cells from the beginning of eflight and the NiCd/NiHM's are fairly tolerant to this abuse and in a case of failure they usually just vent. Not so with LiPo's - they are very voltage sensitive. Overcharge these babies and fire is the most likely outcome. I will not risk my house/family in order to get 15min airtime instead of 5. To me the risk is not worth it.

Bottom line - I just dont trust LiPo's anymore. Maybe I'm just a sceptic
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