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Yes you are right none what so ever! I love the challenge and don't mind something difficult as long as it will give enough success to not get discouraged.. box it up and go back to flying my micro p-51 full time.

Ok so just to toss another wrench in the works what do you guys think about the new UFLY or CB180D as a good involving first time heli?

I was very surprised at how reasonable the parts pricing was for the larger CB180D with the exception of the batteries. Within a few dollars of the micros!

Heres my logic on the micros and I'm probably wrong! I figured the micros were a good place to start due to:
-Light weight and size = less mass moving around and thus more durable in normal crashes
-Inexpensive replacement parts and batteries
-More flexible in terms of places to use it ( in a living room etc.)

With that being said are the larger micro heli's like the CB180D and the UFLY as durable as the CB100 is?

Are they more stable and less twitchy?
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