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Originally Posted by blepkowski View Post
I really appreciate your input guys!

I figured CP would be difficult and should be avoided to start but I liked the idea of starting out with something that was most like the way a real heli flies. If it's going to be discouraging than it doesn't make much sense.

As far the the CB vs the new 4#6 goes......

I've read so much that pulls me back and forth between the motor driven vs. shaft drive tail. I can't seem to weigh the pro's and cons one way or the other. The crash-ability of the motor driven is a huge plus but then on the other hand I read about yaw and twitching issues...........
Yes I hear what you are saying shaft driven tails give better control but are far more delicate - with out boring you with the history they are not a new thing - shafts were used before belts - in fact walkera's first 400 class heli's were shaft driven tails but due to the fragile nature belts took over - but belts just dont work well on very small heli's.

when learning you tend to need a model you can crash and set back on its skids and try again (most of the time) and you will get that sort of robustness with the CB100 where as nearly every time you clip the tail on shaft driven tails you will damage the tail gears and at $4 a set it could end up both expensive and frustrating.

Regards David
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