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Thanks, Renee, for the positive remarks on my topsail schooner rig - I realize that it is not as technical and difficult to sail, but I have found it pleasurable in its simplicity. The sailplan is something I configured myself with the help of some of my books. It does have similarities to the Prince de Neufchatel but with a much larger fore gaff sail, per the HMS Pictou sailplan in H. Chapelle's The Baltimore Clipper. I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but this author states that there are "many references to this schooner as being American built", and was one of many captured American privateers. The existing drawings were actually done in Portsmouth Yard in 1815 after her capture. The Pictou was the closest example that I could find of a real schooner of that time period having a hull form and size like the SC&H hull.

After Winter chores wind down and we are confined for the season, I am intending to do some further work on her. Need to rat up the shrouds, and also have been pondering the possibility of redesigning the foresails with the crossover sheets like you & Dan have, and adding a third skysail jib, which would involve another servo to run all of these. Also ruminating the addition of functional square topsails, which would necessitate a fourth servo to rotate the yards.

Yup, that is a Spanish flag. When I was ordering this brig, Philip was a bit surprised at my choice of flag to be included - at the time I thought it was more interesting, different and colorful than the standard selections. He did end up including the British flag besides, apparently hinting that it was more appropriate and desirable.......

I don't think you would have to get a bigger camper to transport two ships, especially if the second one was a fore and aft rig. They really aren't very wide, as they don't have all those lengthy yardarms. They might sit side-by-side in the bass baby. So I think you should go ahead with the second ship without reservation!

Renee, have you read these books, pictured below??
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