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Originally Posted by arkcom View Post
Sonny- did you ever get something rigged up to get your balancer calibrated?
Not yet...finding the time?? I get a difference between my EFlight Watt Meter & the RCTimer Battery Balancer/Watt Meter in voltage readings of around .20V+ more on the RCT unit than the EFlight tested on fully charged packs, so which is correct? It seems to balance well, getting the cells within .10V after balancing. I need to make the series power connector you describe, (I have a whole bunch of Dean "clone" connetors), to calibrate the balancing function; but can we calibrate the pack voltage readings? One drawback is it doesn't measure amps, just watts. BTW: The Eflight meter shows the same difference in voltage readings when compared to my Multiplex charger also, (I charge through the Watt Meter to compare the voltage readings between the two as they charge). Maybe the EFlight unit is the one that's "off". The RCT unit seems to use a system of draining high cells to "fill" the lower cells to balance them all, then, as you said stops when they are balanced. However, it does have a separate Lipo discharge function; I assume, (hope?), it stops when it discharges down to 3.0V per cell. I tried it, but the balancer got pretty hot so I stopped the discharge just in case, then balanced and recharged the pack. I think the unit is handy and small enough to pack to the flying field, so for the money it seems like a good deal. I just want to make sure it's readings are accurate; I will use your calibration procedure as soon as I make the series connector for the packs. I'm going to use it tomorrow to bench test the brushless motor, (28-30-13), I got from them and will report that data soon.
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