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Two cents and MORE!

Here's my two cents on the subject. I suspect that your post will elicit many more comments.
In my humble opinion, an item should sell to the first person who meets the conditions of sale, or arranges mutually agreeable conditions and forks over the money.
I'm always quite amazed by some sellers who have the attitude of "Sorry, I can't accept your money because someone got to me first, and they are trying to put the money together.... and I expect to hear back from them...." Similar amazement over buyers who whine about having made the first response (perhaps a question or clarification), only to complain when another buyer steps up and forks over the money.
Unless you have special reasons (a friend, established customer, etc...) it is not dishonorable when selling to simply state that the person who first makes arrangements with you to buy the plane and pays for it gets it.
Since we're on the subject of conditions of sale, I'd like to note my favorite peeve - free shipping in the lower 48 states. Mind you, I don't object to anyone in the lower 48 getting the free shipping. What I don't like is the second-rate citizen attitude that this portrays toward people in Alaska (don't know about Hawaii, so can't comment on their situation...) Living in Alaska I know that the US Postal Service provides excellent air service from the lower 48 states to Alaska, and at rates that are similar to shipments within the lower 48 states. As an example, this summer I purchased an X-Models Falcon (2 meter hotliner) from a place in NY state. It was sent USPS priority airmail and insured for a total cost of $11.55. Would it have been really any cheaper to send it to, say, Washington state or California? I doubt it.
It USED to be expensive to ship to Alaska - 20+ years ago. But not any longer, so PLEASE - when you advertise something for sale with shipping included, include Alaska in the offer. If that isn't possible, at least allow us to pay the difference between the most expensive lower 48 rate and the actual cost of shipping to us. This is an issue of fairness.
Thanks all!
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