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Originally Posted by Xnaron View Post
Hobby Horse is advertising that all the optima receivers have a "Range-Out Warning" as well as Hobby People and rcplanet Mike was this feature supposed to be included but never made it into the production Aurora/Optima line? Will/Can it be added with a software update at a later time?
Hitec RCD Korea confirm that the "Range Out Warning" was causing extended delays with source of a part. Despite being in all pre-release advertising, and as advised by Mike in previous posts, this feature was omitted from the basic telemetry in order to speed the Aurora and Spectra Pro products into the hands of the consumer.
Optima 9 & 7 feature a Data Port for uploads of new firmware/Download link to PC. There is no Data Port on an Optima 6 which provides pre-set basic battery voltage data only.

Optima RX - Installation RX, BODA Antenna, Volts & Range Test.. Quote:
"Notes 1. a. Reset voltage is 3.5v. The cause of many problems with 2.4 systems is when people use low power 4 cell packs with high torque servos and they brown out. Optima cut off voltage is 3.5v, so we suggest a 5 cell+ pack for the servos. Or... use the SPC to power the RX for additional safety. A small 2S lipo to SPC would guarantee the RX voltage would never sag. "
Low Battery Warnings - Minimum Settings Recommended for both the Aurora TX & Spectra 2.4GHz module - which are set separately..
AFHSS - Warning Beeps Aurora & Spectra Pro. - meanings.

Alan Tong (Hitec NZ).
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links

PS: Some early units which do emit a Long Beep in power down mode,
near end of range check, were released and queries answered:
"A Long Beep may be heard in power down mode with a few early RF firmware versions.
This is not a problem and has been well documented previously.
The long beep was intended to be the signal for a "range out" warning feature as
advertised in pre-release material but was omitted from majority of units so as to get the
Aurora and AFHSS systems to market without further delay.
Please ignore and Do Not Rely on that beep as being an accurate range out indicator,
follow the range check procedure detailed in both Spectra & Optima Manuals.
Once the current RF firmware is updated, the beep will no longer be heard."
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