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I have been playing with the programing a bit, and started to do the setup for a simple 4 channel parkflyer. I noticed in the dual rate/expo screen there is a letter c next to the top left of the graph, when presse it changes to an s. What is this, I can't find any reference so far as to what this is? instead of actually straping the antenna from the optima 7 to the plane using say, a wire tie. Would it be acceptable to put a small strip of velcro on the boda ant and just velcro it onto the airframe? one last really stupid question, but to be honnest, I have no idea what the rubber with velcro, the velcro with Hitec logo, the Hitec tag with elastic band and the y harness is for? (I've only been flying rc for about 2 years, so these things aren't blatantly obvious to me)
1. "C" is combined so if you want the same setting in different flight condition use it... "S" is for single so to make the setting unique to the condition. Please refer to examples in the Aurora A9 Model Menu ACRO (Video - 8 min 39 sec)

2. Do not use a wire tie. Suggest velcro strap or tape as shown Hitec Aurora 9 Giant Scale set up Brandon Chitty's 42% Aeroworks Yak - Video presentation of set up.

3.Hitec include a Red or Black "Flight Preserver" with each Transmitter system (except 2ch systems).
A shock absorbing rubber pad with which to wrap and protect the receiver from shock and vibration.
(Other brands usually rely on user buying aftermarket products such as the white latex rubber supplied by Du-Bro.)
Also sold separately Part # 58480.

See also:
Aurora 9 Mixes, Setups, Tips, Undocumented Features.

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