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Originally Posted by arkcom View Post
Yeah. It won't do anything without all 6 cells. What I did was make up a series connector for two 3 cell packs. The pack that goes to the ground plugs into the balancer like usual. The pack that goes to positive plugs into the bottom of the 6s spot. Like in this skillfully done paint drawing. If you have any other questions let me know.
OK, I think I get it. You made a series connector for the "power" connectors, then plug in the balance connectors as drawn, putting 22-24V in to the "power source" side of the meter, correct? Too bad you have to "balance" the balancer so to speak; they should include a calibration routine in the instructions. It also is giving me an "over-volt" alarm on a charged pack which measures 12.42V on my EFlight Power Meter. Don't know what's up with that yet; cell voltages read 4.17, 4.20, & 4.24 on the new meter. I'm balancing that one now & will check it again when it's done. I think it's time to pull out the trusty old volt-ohm meter & double check some cells. If this little doohicky works as advertised, it's a good deal; if not, it was under $30, so it was worth a chance....we'll see! Thanks for the help!

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