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I just popped into this thread to thank you for introducing a new sim to the freeware sim realm.

Although FMS is old and hoary, it does some things quite well and ggunners comments do apply. I make 3D models for FMS and Targetware, I also do the FM for both of these and I've learned some valuable lessons along the way.

Targetware and FMS uses a user text editable flight model/damage model, and targetware has in addition, text editable graphics animation and AI for aircraft guns and scenery weaponry ( it's a combat sim foremost..) Also in Targetware, the flight modeling files are closely tied to the structure of the 3D model, although in no way as tight as X-Plane.

One thing that would make your sim better would be easy importing of other format 3D files. (This is of course a selfish desire as I have a bunch of 3D models.) With the advent of Blender you can just about convert nearly any 3D file to any other using their Python scripts.

I'd also like to see some backwards adaptability in your sim for older video cards, and those of us running hoary old 32 bit OS's, would be nice, since freeware users tend to be on a tight budget and would tend to use older systems and OS's.

What Gary said about airfoils is quite right, what he said about overall drag areas also is important. I'd consider using a flight model built on data tables, with non airfoil, (wings,) surface lift areas, side lift area, (and drag,) propeller torque, and flow of propeller airflow ( prop blast?) over all the affected flight airfoils and fuselage surfaces. You can actually model some of this crudely in FMS, given enough time and using Wordpad, the PAR files would get out of hand quickly.

Do you use Javafoil to make your airfoil data?

Could we import or customize the motors like FMS allows in their PAR file? You can create in FMS, really reasonable simulations of motor drives both electric and fuel.

Sorry, I've got a lot to say, new sims get me excited.

Just some random babbling from an old sim model maker.


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