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Elliptical Wings

Well last night I was bored and decided to start designing a model for my father. This is my first take at doing a complete elliptical wing structure in Rhino and I ran into some problems with making my lightening holes in the ribs, mainly that I had to manually edit each curve used for Sweep2 process to create the solids that I used to boolean difference the holes out of the ribs.

I found that even though I had created elliptical offsets for these sweep curves that the interpolation between the root rib and the tip rib was not vertically aligned as it passed though the elliptical planform, so in the end I had to bend the solid to give it a vertical bow (viewed from front) using symmetry in the bend command, then had to follow with manually moving the solid vertically until it was centered throughout the entire sweep of ribs. All three solids created for making my lightening holes needed to be tweaked like this until I was happy with the spacing.

Any tips for a better way to do this process where a simple lofting between two end curves does not apply?

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