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Originally Posted by vhoward1122 View Post
Eneloops are 2000mAh batteries. What came with mine are 1300mAh batteries.
All Aurora transmitters shipped to date carry a standard
TX NiMH battery (6 cell) Pack.
(Flat Type) for AUR(RA9)
..7.2v / 1300 MAh ".

No change to this configuration, for current production runs, has been advised by manufacturer.

23Sep2013: added picture of the Aurora 9X battery - new keyed plug.

1. If fitting a 2S Lipo or alternate battery.
Increase or decrease the thickness of the rubber pad attached inside the battery cover, this to ensure a snug fit which:
a. Holds the battery in place to prevent damage to wires or connector.
b. Ensures battery cover does not slip off during use.
[A123 pack cannot be used due to both size and the lower voltage]

2. The alarm is fixed at 6.9v no matter what type of battery you use which still gives you plenty of time to land after it goes off.
The user adjustable voltage cut off is for safety so not to over discharge the Lipo just in case you accidentally leave your radio on.
Refer manual page 62 for setting Lipo cut off from 6.0v< 6.6v .

3. The dimensions of the battery compartment are 110 x 45.5 x 16 (L x W x H).
Refer pictures Aurora Battery Compartment posts #643 and #644.
Note page 13 of manual - Remove Lipol batteries and charge externally. refer:
Hitec Aurora, Eclipse, Flash, Optic, Prism series - Field and Fast Charging

4. 2S Lipo capabilities for Aurora TX & Optima receivers.
"The TX/RX's are 2S compatible. The SPC (Supplemental Power Connection) can handle up to 30 volts.
This is the optional power for the RX only. If used, it eliminates the possibility of the servo battery,
if it sags, causing a brownout.

5. Aurora - Reverse Polarity - typical damage/scenario.
"typical repair cost on the low end is US$25 but we've seen some that
took out the entire main board which can be up to US$80."
Hitec Warranty & Service
Service Form
Note: Hitec USA only services North/South America and Canada. All other countries see appropriate distributor for service.
• If you are from a country that is outside North and South America, please contact the
Hitec distributor in your country for service.

6. Aurora 9 - Warning Alarms Battery types, Voltage Level Interpretation & Consumption.
extract:"5. Aurora A9 - Run Time with Stock 1300 mAh NiMH Battery extract:
" Aurora Transmiter Battery Life can be extended by:
. 1. Setting screen back light power to Auto Turn Off
- from 10 sec on, 20 sec on, 1 min on, 10 min on, 30 min on, 1 hour on Always On or Always Off.
. 2. Auto Power Off setting: 10 min, 20 min, 30 min, 1 hour or Never.

Current Drain : 300 mA - all on full time.
. Fly RC Review (pdf) reports:
"Based on a tested discharge rate of 175mA— quoted conservatively at 190mA, the
stock 1300mAh pack will deliver around 6 hours of run time"
- User reports vary 4.0 to 5.5 hours, again depending whether screen on full time. "

7. Hitec Transmitters:
Caution: Do Not Use LiFE in Hitec Transmitters using a 6 cell NiCD/NiMH pack
.e.g. Aurora 9, Optic 6 Sport & Optic 5 2.4Ghz. Not only is the size to large for the pocket,
the nominal voltage is already at the Low battery Warning level.
Hitec Transmitters using 8 cell NiCD/ 8 cell NiMH packs: e.g. Eclipse and Optic 6
A 3 cell A123 is really to low and a 4 cell A123 (LiFe) is too high.
(A 3 Cell lipo is not ok without a regulator set aprox 10.5-11.0V)

7. Aurora & Optic Sport - charger not included.
Aurora & Optic Sport OEM Chargers see also post #8

8. Hitec Aurora, Eclipse, Flash, Optic, Prism series - Lipo and Field / Fast Charging

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